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Conférence : Virtue Theory Framework and Academic Ethics by Aleksei Pleshkov

Publié le 16 mai 2023 Mis à jour le 31 mai 2023

Conférence de Aleksei Pleshkov, Postdoctoral fellow, Centre de recherche en Philosophie (PHI) / Solidarity fund ULB

In the presentation, Aleksei Pleshkov will discuss the application of non-relative virtue theory to the moral economy of the university. The focus will be on academic virtues as stable character dispositions to act appropriately in sustainable academic practices. While the practices and virtues could vary depending on national university traditions, the concept of grounding academic experiences will provide the basis for the non-relative and unified consideration of these differences. Finally, the application of the proposed theoretical framework will be illustrated by reference to the practice of codes of ethics (as one of the sustainable academic practices) of contemporary Russian universities – to understand the drastic transformation of the sphere of higher education in Russia.

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Le 15 juin 2023


Campus du Solbosch

Grande Salle du CIERL

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