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There to be used: Material vitality, care and the ongoingness of second-hand objects by Anna Bohlin (University of Gothenburg)

Publié le 24 février 2020 Mis à jour le 25 février 2020

Séminaire Anthropologie à Bruxelles – Brussels Anthropology (ABBA)" - Centre LAMC

This presentation will draw from a publication-in-process, “The liveliness of Ordinary Objects: Living with stuff in the Anthropocene,” In (R. Harrison & C. Sterling, eds) Deterritorialising the Future: Heritage in, of and for the Anthropocene, London: Open Humanities Press (forthcoming august 2020). It is based on anthropological fieldwork in Swedish homes and second-hand markets, and shows how domestic items that have been acquired second-hand invite specific forms of usage, and engender embodied and affective responses that differ from those involved in two other common classes of objects that have received much scholarly attention: newly produced commodities, on the one hand, and conventional heritage objects, on the other. Occupying a loosely defined phase in between these object positions. second-hand items are interesting in the way that they induce particular responses to their obvious “ongoingness”—their material fragility, change and impermanence.
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Le 6 mars 2020
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