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Laboratoire de Musicologie de l’ULB

afficheLe Laboratoire de Musicologie de l’ULB a le plaisir de vous convier à la conférence suivante :

Music and Popular Piety

donnée par : Iain FENLON (Professeur émérite, Université de Cambridge)
Iain Fenlon is Emeritus Professor of Historical Musicology in the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of King’s College. Most of his writing has been concerned with the social and cultural history of music in early modern Italy and Spain : a two-volume study, Music and Patronage in Sixteenth-Century Mantua (Cambridge, 1980), a monograph on the early Italian madrigal (with James Haar) (Cambridge, 1988), and Music, Print and Culture in Early Sixteenth-Century Italy (British Library, 1994). He is the founding editor of the journal Early Music History.

Lundi 6 mai 2019 – 14h – Université Libre de Bruxelles - Maison des Arts (Salle de réception, 1er étage) – 56 avenue Jeanne – 1050 Bruxelles

Most traditional studies of the place of music in Italian urban life during the Renaissance place a strong emphasis upon its ceremonial and institutional aspects, particularly in relation to courts and cathedrals. My concern is to move away from such concerns with music for the elites who constituted the audience for the polyphonic masses, motets, and state compositions that occupy the centre of attention in conventional histories, by concentrating on sixteenth-century Venice as a test case for examining the place of music in ordinary lives, particularly in relation to devotion. The intention is rather to explore its role in local communities where activity was articulated by parish churches and confraternities, and then to pursue it into the domestic sphere. The intention is not only to introduce the sounds and music of the devotional practices of campo, calle, and casa into the urban soundscape but, by setting devotional practices in context, to understand the ways in which religion was not only heard, but also seen and touched in everyday experience.

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Conférence organisée avec le soutien du Laboratoire de Musicologie, de la Faculté de Philosophie et Sciences sociales et de la Fondation Wiener Anspach.

Le 6 mai 2019
Campus du Solbosch