The Women’s Mentoring Programme (WMP) at SciencePo ULB

The Women’s Mentoring Programme (WMP) is a mentorship programme established by Emilie Van Haute, President of the Department of Political Science, in collaboration with Joanna Maycock, secretary general of the European Women Lobby and SciencePo ULB Fellow, and women in the professional world (NGOs, public sector, European institutions).


  • Encourage a dialogue between female students at the end of their studies (1st and 2nd year of the Master’s programme) and women at the top of their respective professions;
  • Create a system of support and mentorship for these future leaders;
  • Encourage personal support for female students through an interactive and mutually beneficial programme between mentor and student;
  • Strengthen the student’s self-esteem by affirming their skills and values.

Target audience

The programme aims to have around 70 students from Master’s programmes and around 10 mentors who are recognised professionals in their respective areas of expertise, which are related to fields in which students in political science could eventually work.

A word from our mentees

‘It’s the kind of input female students need to feel prepared after leaving university.’
‘It was great to have the opportunity to talk to the mentors. It allowed me to realise that we can achieve our goals and that women are supportive with each other.‘

A word from the mentors

‘Great speaking to students who know what they want and help guide them on how to get there. I was impressed by the questions they asked and hope my insights were helpful. This was a really enriching experience for me and I learnt a lot.’
‘Rich and invigorating exchanges for mentors, a very promising future for these young women, full of resources!‘

Updated on July 24, 2019