The Anthropology Master’s Programme now offers a full semester of courses in English during the Spring term (February to June). The courses welcome international students, who will join the ULB Master’s students for a full semester of anthropological exchange.

Come study anthropology in a city with one of the highest percentages of international residents in the world, a perfect environment for thinking about the social, cultural, economic and political complexities of the contemporary world. The programme explores key anthropological topics ranging from globalization and politics to materiality and gender. Students also take part in a participative seminar confronting current issues in the discipline through presentations and essay writing.

The list of courses offered is as follows:

25 credits of anthropology courses:

Anthropology of Globalization – Sasha Newell (5 credits)

Materiality and Social Life – Sasha Newell (5 credits)

Political Anthropology – Sasha Newell (5 credits)

Anthropology of Gender and Sexuality – David Berliner (5 credits)

Anthropology Seminar – Pierre Petit & Asuncion Fresnoza (5 credits)

Choose 5 credits between:

Sociology of Inequality – David Paternotte (5 credits)

Food security – Laurence Roudart (5 credits)

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